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Malleswara Mudi

Malleswara Mudi is the highest peak of the attapadi hills; Shivratri day is very auspicious and considered to be the start of harvest season among the tribes in attapadi. Only people from tribal community are allowed to climb the Malleswara Mudi during shivaratri day. We can see malapoojarikkal who visit the Malleswara Mudi bring the holy water from this mountain peak as offerings of lord Malleswara to the devotees. You can have the beautiful view of Malleswara Mudi from chemmanur Shiva temple.

Kunthi River

To add further attractions to this park, we can see perennial river kunthi flows through this famous park, This River Kunthi never turns browns whether in monsoon or summer says the local tribe and has huge herbal remedies too. the water is always crystal clear in nature. Forest department normally conducts daily treks and Jeep safaris, the safari starts from Mukkali to Sairandhri from Sairandhri to river Kunti there is a trek route which is of 3 kms. For the safari we have to take prior permission from forest wild life warden.

Perumal Mudi

Perumal Mudi or Ramar Kovil is located in the forest areas of tamilnadu accessible by the PWD road by moolagangal and followed by trek of 6 kms to the temple. There is myth dates to Ramayana era, lord Rama on his way to lanka to rescue Sita from Ravana believed to reach this place and fortified the temple. In this area lived a primitive tribes group called thothavar .they never cut hair or shave their beard. They would not take food from outsiders or never prefer anybody to enter to this village. Due to the Karnataka military operation.